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Toy kitchens are perfect to develop the creativity of the little ones and introduce them to the culinary world. If you have a potential chef at home, don’t hesitate and buy him a kitchen. Here we leave you a selection.

If you have a small masterchef at home, you have surely thought of giving him a toy kitchen. Either because at home you follow television programs about cooking or because you are looking for a toy that is also fun and educational, a children’s kitchen is an option to take into account.

There are many types of toy kitchens for little masterchefs. From wooden models for the most classic to authentic multimedia devices to learn while playing with cutting-edge technology. With so much variety in the market it is better that you have arguments to make the best purchase decision.

The first thing to consider is the size of the play kitchen . Especially if you don’t have much space to place it. Most likely, the little ones will ask you for the largest and most beautiful model, but do not get carried away and adjust to your space and your needs.

The material of the toy kitchens for little masterchefs is also important. The most common are plastic, which is cheap and lightweight, so you can move them without worrying. The wooden ones are stronger and more detailed, although somewhat more expensive. They are also a bit heavier.

Think of the toy’s design as one more argument for the little ones to get hooked on the kitchen. If they like the model, they will feel comfortable playing for hours around their imaginary stove.

Also consider accessories . The more accessories the play kitchen includes, the more activities the little masterchef can do. It is very likely that this future great chef wants to imitate everything you do in the kitchen, so give him the tools to do so and he will end up developing his creativity.

Remember, yes, that the more extras such as lights, buttons, interactive oven controls and others, the more expensive the toy kitchen will be.

Now that you know what you should take into account when choosing between the best toy kitchens for small masterchefs, we share with you a few models that will help you make your decision quickly and comfortably.

deAO Happy Little Chef

Play kitchen with light and sound effects to let the imagination of the little masterchef fly. It has a wide variety of accessories common in adult kitchens and even a tap with real water functions using a manual pump, creating a very realistic experience. It has dimensions of 83 cm x 54 cm x 39 cm.

It will keep little ones busy for hours as they develop skills, explore, research, and experiment with imaginary recipes. Recommended for ages 3 and up , it comes with 2 pots, 4 utensils, 2 cups, kettle, 2 plates, tongs and cutting board, plate rack, 11 pieces of food, oven and even ketchup. Works with batteries, not included.

Leomark wooden kitchen

Well equipped and clad high quality wooden kitchen including even a clock . It is a classic model that weighs 8 kilos and measures 60 cm x 30 cm x 79 cm. The sink with hot and cold water handles allows you to wash vegetables and the oven has knobs of up to 200 fictitious degrees where you can cook delicious cakes that you can take out with protective gloves.

Includes two gas burners with their controls and a set of accessories to develop creativity. For example, pot and pan, gloves, kitchen utensils and salt and pepper shakers. For children over 3 years old.

Smoby Studio XL

The ultimate in toy kitchens for little masterchefs. This large model allows you to play in a 360º area, so it is perfect for several boys and girls to play at the same time. It measures 86cm x 62cm x 100cm, so keep that in mind when deciding where to place it.

This kitchen is equipped with 36 accessories , electronic hob, coffee maker with capsules integrated in the column, soft drink machine, dishwasher with basket, oven with tray, fridge, a cupboard and several shelves. Due to its design and dimensions, it stimulates teamwork as well as individual creativity. For older than 3 years.

Kledio 5777

A robust play kitchen made of sustainable wood with an ecological certificate. It has dimensions of 93 cm x 59 cm x 30 cm and weighs just over 9 kilos, so it is a model to not move a lot from one side to the other. The little masterchefs, of course, will be able to develop their culinary arts in a kitchen with a classic air.

The doors are easy to open thanks to some side hinges. And the kitchen is equipped with 2 hot plates, microwave, oven, storage space and a sink with a tap . The controls have a realistic sound and have tools to start cooking with your imagination: spatula, saucepan, pot and metal pan. For older than 3 years.

Think Gizmos

Small toy kitchen for the little ones . The option to choose if you have little space. It has lights and sound and the usual kitchen sections for the elderly. In fact, it includes 3 realistic cooking foods that change color as they are held in different areas.

It is made of recyclable and non-toxic ABS plastic, meeting all safety standards. It comes with accessories such as plates, pots and pans, as well as kitchen tools. The oven has dual functions and becomes a storage cupboard. For kids 3 years and older. Includes the necessary batteries to start playing right away.

Homcom rural kitchen

A play kitchen for little masterchefs who appreciate the countryside. Made of pine wood and ecological paint, as well as a very decorative design. It has dimensions of 70 cm x 30 cm x 90 cm and weighs up to 19 kilos with all the accessories included in the package.

It is made up of a gas hob, oven, microwave, a tap and its sink and several storage cabinets with doors that are very easy to open and close. The knobs can be turned and are quite realistic. It has a wide variety of accessories such as 3 large spoons, 2 casseroles, 1 knife, 1 cooking board and 2 condiment cans. For older than 3 years.


Little boys and girls love children’s kitchens. If you are considering choosing one of these toys as your next gift, here are some efficient tips so that you can select the perfect children’s kitchen for the little ones in the house.

In the first place, we recommend that you greatly value the size of the children’s kitchen that you are going to choose and the space you have in order to select models that later you will not be able to locate anywhere in the house. Obviously, children will always want a larger kitchen with more striking finishes, but you must also take into account the budget you have.

Secondly, we recommend that you value the materials with which the children’s kitchen is made. Most toys of this type have wood finishes or plastic finishes. Normally, wooden stoves are much more resistant, but they are also more expensive and much heavier. If you are looking for an inexpensive toy that you will be able to move around for children to play, the best option is undoubtedly plastic kitchens.

As for the design of the kitchenette, it is best to take into account what the children like, as long as it fits the size and budget you have. It is best to select several suitable models and teach them to the children so that they can choose the one they prefer, unless the kitchen is a surprise, in this case it is always best to choose the most colorful and that includes the most accessories.

Whenever you can, choose complete kitchens that include many cabinets so that they can store their toys, oven, microwave, stove, different utensils such as plates and spoons and even a sink. Think that the more things you have, the better the children will have fun and the more time they will spend developing their imagination and having fun alone and in company with their toy, so the purchase will always be more efficient if you choose a children’s kitchen that includes many accessories.

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