Best 20+ Hardest Rubik’s Cube

Over recent years, Rubik cubes have become part of our lives. They have made a significant impact on our lives and the society in large. It has helped young minds to develop perseverance and patience skills.

They have also helped them to develop cognitive thinking and improve their problem-solving skills. The puzzle cubes may appear to be a simple thing, but it is not, according to prof. Erno Rubik, the idea of coming up with the objects, helped learners learn more about ideas other than memorizing things.

Some people do puzzle cubes to solve their challenges completely while others want to set new records using the best Rubik’s cube. Various Rubik cubes in the market can be ideal for you if you want to be a puzzle expert.

Top Picks : Best Hardest Rubik’s Cube

Here are our 20+ best Rubik Cube Reviews

1. Ganowo Megaminx Speed Cube

Ganowo Megaminx Speed Cube Gigaminx 5x5 Cubes Brain Teasers Games Magic Twist Puzzle Fidget Toys for Kids Adults Boys Teens

Ganowo 5×5 megaminx speed cube is one of the best fun cubes that promote a kid’s creativity and imagination. It is a brain teaser that can help both the adult release work pressure and creativity in children.

It features a fidget cube puzzle that is well pre-lubricated, easy to twist, and move smoothly. The corners are round, designed to keep your kid safe. This large 5×5 gigaminx puzzle cube can be the best gift to your kid more, especially this Christmas or on their birthday.

This unique designed cube uses advanced ABS plastics and a special PVC sticker that is smooth and can’t fall out easily. If you want your child to develop creativity and imagination, then here is the solution for you.

2. CuberSpeed Twist 3×3 stickerelss Speed Cube

CuberSpeed Twist 3x3 stickerelss Speed Cube

The Twist cube is a uniquely designed cube that has a vibrant stickerless bright color scheme. It is made of high-quality ABS material that is durable, safe, and eco-friendly. The stickers’ material does not peel or fade quickly, making it more compliant and comfortable when turning.

The cube speed is ideal for testing your mental skills and also challenging your patience. This makes the cube ideal in teaching your kid how to solve complex problems as it is a brain teaser. It helps the kid to enhance his space and memory.

3. Vivi Do Speed Cube

Vivi Do Speed Cube, Super Smooth Windmill Magic Cube Puzzle, Sturdy and Easy to Handle, Creative Decompression Gift, Puzzle Toys for Kids

Vivo do speed cube a top cube that has many combinations that aim to provide a unified solution. The 3x3x3 cube has a classic color-matching puzzle ideal for both beginners and professional players of all ages.

Vivo is made from non-toxic material whose stickers don’t fade, durable, and ideal for kids’ cognitive development. The speed cube uses an improved structure and anti-pop technology for high-speed and smooth cornering. It is pre-lubricated, tensioned, and durable.

The speed cube provides you with hours of enjoyment in the game, reducing stress and exercising your brain. You will be able to learn hands-on skills at the same time, improve your memory skills.

4. TANCH Mirror Speed Magic Cube 3X3 Puzzle

TANCH Mirror Speed Magic Cube 3X3 Puzzle for Children & Adults Silver

Do you need a speed cube that is harmless and durable? If yes, TANCH is the best option for you. The cube is uniquely made from ABS plastic material that is safe and harmless both to the environment and humans. This makes the speed cube to be used by players of all ages.

The speed cube helps you develop strong intelligence, hand flexibility, and improved 3-dimensional imagination. It is also good for testing your patience and developing a robust mental skill. The cubes’ compact design makes it feel smooth and appealing to you as you play.

5. Roxenda Speed Cube Set

Roxenda Speed Cube Set, Magic Cube Set of Pyramid Megaminx Cube Smooth Triangle Pentagon Speedcube

Roxenda speed cube is a top cube with a perfect combination of Megaminx cube and Pyramid cube, inspiring your child by increasing their creativity and imagination. It helps to relieve pressure and improve the healthy body state of the player.

Roxenda features a solid sticker made from ABS material that is environmentally friendly, durable, and safe. This makes it ideal for beginners and professional players who want to take the puzzle cube to the next level. The internal corners are round, making it easy to move effectively and improve the cube’s smoothness.

The good thing about Roxenda is that your child’s memory will be developed and help you release any pressure you might be experiencing. The design and classic design of the cube can never go out of style. It will be there and keep you as you try to stretch your brain capacity as you play.

6. Hasbro Gaming Rubik’s Edge Puzzle

Hasbro Gaming Rubik's Edge Puzzle, Original Rubik's Product, Toy for Kids Ages 6 and Up, Great Puzzle for Beginners

Hasbro Gaming is a top handheld Rubik’s puzzle that introduces beginners and children to Rubik’s Cube. The cube involves twisting the pieces to solve the puzzle. The edge has a pivot feature, which adds a 3D element to the gameplay. The edge has got several combinations aimed at one solution.

The good thing with this Rubik’s Edge puzzle is that it is small in size; hence you can carry it in your pocket to whichever place. The puzzle is a brain teaser to kids, and therefore you can buy them as a gift on their birthday or during their vocation. It will help them develop a strong IQ.

7. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube

Rubik’s Cube 3×3 is the best original Rubik cube that is best for those enthusiastic about their game. The must-have cube is loose enough for players to solve puzzles and faster easily. The cube edges have numerous combinations with only one solution.

With about 43 quintillion possible moves, the Rubik’s cube is regarded as the best and most selling puzzles among game lovers. Each side of the cube has a solid color for easy turn and twist. The cube has the fastest time to solve it and keeps it quickly.  The cube enables you to develop creativity and improves your IQ in solving challenging moments.

8. Roxenda Speed Cube

Speed Cube, Roxenda 3x3x3 Pyramid Speed Cube Triangle Puzzle Magic Cube Enhanced Edition - Turns Quicker and More Precisely Than Original

Do you need a Rubik cube that is suitable for all ages? Roxenda pyramid speed cube is one of the top classic color-matching puzzles suitable for both professionals and beginners of all ages. This 3×3 Pyraminx is made of non-toxic ABS and durable materials which do not fade on PVC stickers.

The stickers are fine, which makes them superior and better when playing. The puzzle cube has a steel-ball design and superior hand-feel that makes it more stable. The feet are made with a precise arc, boasting excellent performance, good corner edges, and self-innovated technology.

The cube comes already pre-lubricated and tensioned, making it difficult to pop and turn it smoothly. This speed pyramid cube is good for boosting hand-eye coordination, improving your memory of recalling, focusing reasoning, and stimulating your imagination.

9. V-Cube 3b White Pillowed Classic Speedcube

V-Cube 3b White Pillowed Classic Speedcube

Do you need a faster cube? V-cube 3 comes from the 3x3x3 V-Cube family, which has more than 43 quintillion possible combinations. This cube is said to be the fastest cube that has smooth rotations. It has a unique pillow design whose measurement is ideal for playing and developing your skills.

This faster cube features 26 cubies and an independent solid cross for easy rotation. It is a perfect handheld puzzle; hence, it is fun to twist and build up your cube skills whenever you play the game. With it turns great and cuts corners very well.

10. Hann Megaminx Pyraminx Speed Cube 2×2 3×3

Hann Megaminx Pyraminx Speed Cube 2x2 3x3 Kilominx Megaminx Pyramid Dodecahedron Black Magic Cube Puzzle Games Twist Fidget Toys (5x5 Megaminx Black)

Hann Megaminx is one of my favorite speed puzzle cubes that I love because it helps me to relieve all pressure and stress I am going through. It is the brother of a megaminx family that is funny, generous, and mature. It can be used by both mature and beginners in solving their challenges.

It features large corners that are smooth and integrated edges that you can feel. The unique designed cube has a center screw and six-axis springs that are fine to adjust, making it have a good balance. The ABS plastic material is used to make it with a PVC sticker, and hence it is ECO friendly.

This 5x5x5 professional megaminx cube gives you the best experience of vision and touch as you play. It is from this that you can develop strong creativity and imagination. With it is a holder and a cloth for wiping. Surely do not miss this cube if at all; you need to improve your vision and creativity.

11. Twister. CK

Twister.CK Ghost Cube 3x3,Magic Newest Ghost Speed Cube 3x3 with Carbon Fiber Sticker Intelligence Puzzles,Ultimate Ideal Christmas Birthday Party Gifts for Brain Teasers of All Ages

Twister.CK is one of the cube with excellent stability for the greater corner setting. It is good to control the cube and tension adjustable. However, it does not twist often, but it locks up.

It is a good option for you to improve your record and competition. It is one of the best ghost speed cubes you will get in the market. This corner-cutting is zero pops and has a carbon fiber sticker. It is made up of a new mechanism that results in smoothness. 

12. Cuberspeed

Cuberspeed Ghost 3x3 Blue Magic Cube 3x3 Ghost 3x3x3 Speed Cube with Black Carbon Fiber Stickers

Cuberspeed has a 3×3 cube, which is more difficult and has the best choice of the carbon fiber sticker. This will provides you with a decent amount of grip. It has ABS plastic material, which makes it last longer. This cube is easy to take and can rotate more smoothly.

The cube speed ghost is a 3×3 blue magic cube 3×3 ghost 3x3x3 speed cube black sticker. 

It has great corner cutting and control of the cube, and it has a tension adjustable. The corner twist can lock up easily. It comes with pre-lubricated and tension. It is more durable and rotates the magic cube, which you can try out the best to complete it. 

13. CuberSpeed QiYi QiXing S Stickerless Bright Magic

CuberSpeed QiYi QiXing S 7x7 Stickerless Bright Magic Cube MoFangGe MFG QiXing S Color Speed Cube

Cuberspeed QiYi is best for the beginner. You can use it to learn and practice your game is quite simple. You can give your kid a gift. It is not best for speedcubing. You can use it to play faster with it. It has a small piece and lasts for a long.

Its blocks are colored, which makes it different from others. It is a smoothness cube. With this super-smooth cube, you will not have to worry about the disruption of the game. The cube is easy to adjust the tension, and everything is under your control. 

14. YJ MoYu 3×3 1 X 3x3x3 Yulong

YJ MoYu 3x3 1 X 3x3x3 Yulong Stickerless Cube Puzzle, Transparent

YJ MoYu has a smooth cube and good corner-cutting. The cube slides are around and turns easily making it user friendly. The cube looks fantastic and has more showpieces for practicing. It is also cute smooth and has a better build speed cube that is well constructed.

It is plastic and transparent; therefore, it is difficult to differentiate the color, such as green, blue, and red. They look beautiful, and you can even display them on walls. This is a great cube but challenging under the lighting condition. 

15. Moving Parts X-Cube

Moving Parts X-Cube (Amazon Exclusive)

The X-cube is an old puzzle that is designed to test puzzling solving the ability. It is restored into the X-shape and has all the colors that are oriented in the same direction. Moving X-cube helps to develop logic skills, which provides you with hours of fun.

It is good for the son to enjoy any place. It uses color and shapes to provides you with a logical puzzle to solve. It is made of a compact design for traveling. However, once it is mixed up, it cannot be easy to work through. Despite the increase in size, it can retain the same sticker based.

16. H XD GLOBAL New Structural Design of Curved Trihedron Magic Cube 3x3x3 Puzzle

H XD GLOBAL New Structural Design of Curved Trihedron Magic Cube 3x3x3 Puzzle Cube Black

The cube is sizeable and makes it more fun. The cube 3x3x3 speed cube sticker and the three kinds of the cube are white, red, and blue. It is a balance between being loose enough to the turn well pieces popping.

This is one of the greatest gifts for the kids on Christmas day. The puzzle is more fun to enjoy playing. Even if you are a pro, you need to learn as a beginner to get familiar with it. With time you will start enjoying this game.

If you are not sure about this condition, it will help you talk to your doctor. If you are seeking out a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, take time for your procedure. 

17. CuberSpeed Shengshou Teraminx Black Magic Cube 7x7x7 12-Sided Puzzle Terminix Puzzle

CuberSpeed Shengshou Teraminx Black Magic Cube 7x7x7 12-Sided Puzzle Terminx Puzzle

Cuberspeed Zhengzhou has a set of the factory which replaced with the sticker. It is made of the pre-lubricate that turns out easily and is smoothly right out of the box. The outer layer of the cube turns nice and is finger trackable.

It has seven layers of the minx puzzle with a completely flat side. Therefore, it has a teraminx of the 12 puzzle side with one of the layers per side. 

18. D-FantiX Qiyi Qiyuan

D-Fantix is among the top best 4×4 cube list. It is not that expensive as another cube. The inner corner is rounded and grants flexibility, which maintains stability. The outer corner of the cube offers you the superior of the corner-cutting.

It is available in the sticker and stickerless. If you are looking for perfect 4×4 cube speed, then we highly recommend D-Fantix Qiyuan in the list. It is one of the smooth cubes and offers you a warranty after purchasing. It is unbeaten value for the money for beginner speedcubers. 

19. Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube

Dreampark 3x3x3 Speed Cube Carbon Fiber Sticker Smooth Magic Cube Puzzles

This cube is one of the best gift ideas for everyone interested in speedcubing, including family members and kids. It provides you with the extra fast and super easy operation. It is made of excellent engineers, which allow it to be smooth and easy to twist when playing it. 

The cube feels smooth on your hand. It is pre-lubed finely tension for adjustable to make the game ready out of the box. It was constructed to last for a long time. It comes with a proof carbon fiber sticker that ensures a vivid color scheme that looks repeatedly.

The overall performance of the Dreampark is super rotational and is good for cube control. The cube features anti-pop technology to allow you to enjoy playing well. 

20.Willking Megamorphix

Willking Megamorphix 5X5 Stickerless Magic Cube Mastermorphix 5X5 Speed Puzzle Cube SS Gigamorphix Brain Teaser Twisty Toy

Walking is made of high-quality ABS material that is eco-friendly and safe when using. The cube is durable. Why waste money buying another one soon. It has a five-layer of the morphix puzzle. It features a vibrant stickerless color that is the bright color of the schemes.

The classic puzzle is never to get out of the box. It gives your kids fun and enhances memory to release pressure, and prevents the elder’s declining memory. It has a sense of space from preventing the stickless color that is easy to turn right out of the box. 

21. CFMOUR Speed Cube

CFMOUR Speed Cube 4x4x4, Smooth Magic Carbon Fiber Sticker Speed Cubes, Enhanced Version,Black

CFMOUR is the next cube on the list of 4×4 cube. It felt smooth on the hand and eliminated the viscosity problem, making it easy to handle the cube for greater combination. It is classic and will never go out of style when playing. Very easy to turn and smooth play.

The cube is designed with a high-quality sticker that gets it to curl, and you can play it daily. This is one of the best gifts for the kids to celebrate with. 

22. Willking Master Square Puzzle

Willking Master Square Puzzle Magic Cube Twisty Toy Gift Irregular Brain Tester Black

Willking brands are made of high-quality material and last for a long. The cube is eco-friendly and non-poisonous ABS plastic non-toxic that is reliable. The cube is lightweight and comfortable for the kids to play with.

The ticker has different colors: white, red, orange, blue, and green. It comes with a warranty in case you are not satisfied with the given period you can return. 

23. Twister.CK Ghost Cube 3×3,3×3 speed cube stickerless

Twister.CK Ghost Cube 3x3,3x3 speed cube stickerless,cube puzzle speed,Smooth Corner Turning with New Anti-Pop Structure,Come with Bonus 2 Sets of Stickers (Golden and Silver) + 1 Cube Stand (black)

Twister is one of the best Christmas gifts or birthdays. The cube is 3x3x3 with original eco-friendly ABS materials. They are brand which results in the smoother and faster for more durable. 

Twister has great corner cutting and tension. This one of the best speed cubes with faster movement. The amazing corner cuts and zero pop. It is a ghost cube that comes with a bonus and a warranty. It has two sets of the sticker and which are golden and silver. This is one of the good choices for improving personal record competition. 

24. Megaminx Cube, Roxenda 3x3x3 Pentagonal Speed Cube

Megaminx Cube, Roxenda 3x3x3 Pentagonal Speed Cube Dodecahedron Magic Cube Puzzle Toy

The magsminx is a pentagonal shape with the classic color matching the puzzle. The speed of the cube is suitable for the beginner and professional player. The puzzle is recyclable material with a megamix cube that is made of non-toxic. It has non-toxic PVC sticker.

The corner block is extra larger. The speed cub is difficult to pop and smoothly twisted perfectly for good control. This puzzle is great for fun and stimulates your imagination to improve the smoothness. You can add a box to it, and kids solve it easily. They are a classic puzzle that never goes out of style. 

25. Speed Cube, 12 Sided Pentagonal Dodecahedron Profession Cube

If you are searching for the best puzzle cube, you cannot forget about the speed cube. It looks more challenging but brings hours of fun. You can scramble it to change the shape. The shape of the puzzle can become a pentagonal shape, and you can improve the anti-pop technology.

The structure of the puzzle is extremely faster and smooth cornering. It’s the best gift for the kids during birthdays and Christmas. It is a classic game that will never go out of style. It comes with a warranty for you are not satisfied with it, you can return it.


  • Is Rubik’s Cube good for your brain?

The Rubik’s cube is advantageous both directly and indirectly onto your brain as it makes it sharper. Generally, the puzzle cube is good for improving your eye-hand coordination, improves your concentration, and make sure that you have processed your thoughts faster.

In most cases, experts have argued that Rubik’s cube engages your brain in mental activities like cognitive games, solving puzzles, and they help to keep your mind sharp even when you are old. This is because the game fed your brain with the right things.

It trains your brain on how to improve your memory. Playing Rubik helps one improve and have a powerful memory as it trains your brain on how to memorize various formulas for solving it. This helps to strengthen the memory.

There are so many ways in which playing Rubik is beneficial to your brain. With it, you will develop strong problem-solving skills, break multiple tasks with easy steps, re-frame problems, and so many things.

  • Does a Rubik’s Cube increase your IQ?

Playing Rubik’s cube improves your IQ.   Various research has shown that playing Rubik’s cube puzzle is good in improving your spatial intelligence because you will understand various organizational complexity strictures that require high IQ in doing so. The process also hones the visual skills and coordination of the player.

The spatial skills that you gain here can be expressed in various ways that show that your IQ has been boosted to express them. One of the ways is to interpreting and transforming images.

The knowledge you gain here helps you visualize and imagine the organization of ideas, something that you learn as you play Rubik’s cube. The importance of the game in boosting your IQ can’t be overlooked. The cube is good for developing and improving your IQ.

Final verdict

Rubik’s cube is one of the gaming that has become popular among its lovers. There is a variety of speed Rubik’s cubes models that are in the market. Each of the top-level models will deliver high performance and enable you to achieve your goals.

In our article, we have highlighted the top-rated Rubik’s cubes that are available in the market. The list comprises elite choices that were tested by our experts and have proved to be ideal. A good Rubik’s cube will help you to develop strong skills like creativity, imagination, vision, among others.

Choosing the best Rubik’s cube will always depend on what you need. Some are good for children, while others are ideal for both young and older people. Some are good for beginners, while others are or professional players. Consider which one is best for you based on your priorities.

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