10 Best Paint For Shoes In The Market 2021

There are few tasks that are more tedious than repairing the leather on certain shoes, boots, and other footwear.

Similar to polishing and shining this footwear, doing this properly means that you will need to have the best paint for shoes or finish in your hands and it also means that you’ll need to be able to apply it properly.

Doing this is not easy if you are brand new to it. Finding the right paint and polish can be unnecessarily time-consuming if you don’t have much of an idea of what to look for.

Fortunately, there exists paint and finish for shoes that almost anybody can use for almost any kind of footwear.

These are all worth exploring and will make your footwear restoration process much easier.

Good Paint for Shoes- Our Favorite Picks

10 Best Paint for Shoes- Reviews

1. 1 ounce bottle of 620 matte acrylic finisher by Angelus

Angelus Acrylic 620 Finisher Matte 1 oz

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to spend hours applying paint and finish to shoes and other leather items that have been scraped or scratched. Spending the time to apply traditional polish to these items can also damage them. Finding a proper finisher for these kinds of items that take less effort to apply can be difficult as well.

Your search for such a finisher has ended with Angelus’ acrylic finisher. You’ll be able to apply it very easily to any leather items you possess, whether they are footwear, purses, belts, or any other kinds of clothing or accessories. You can do this with a sponge, a rag, or you can even spray it on. 

Most shoes paint will require you to buff it but this is not necessary with Angelus’ acrylic finisher. You can also clean it up easily with soap and water, making it very easy to use for anybody who is new to leather restoration.

Only one ounce of finisher comes in Angelus’ bottle, which means you can really only use it on one article of clothing. You’ll need to look for a finisher that comes in a bigger bottle if you are looking for something that can restore multiple articles of clothing or more than one pair of shoes.

2. 1 ounce bottle of metallic gold leather paint by Angelus

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint - 1 Ounce, Gold

Most paint that you can use for shoes is designed for restoration and repair. You can use this to paint over any leather item to make it look like new. However, these paints don’t have much to offer in the way of customizing. The option to not only restore but customize leather is absent in most leather paint and this is unfortunate.

Any concerns you might have had about customizing your leather items have been answered with Angelus’ metallic gold leather paint. You can use it to not only restore most leather items that are gold in color, but you can also use it to create unique shades for any leather items that you possess, giving you even more options.

Another really nice thing about Angelus’ gold leather paint is that it is very permanent in that it will not crack or rub off. You will not need to worry about reapplying it constantly.

The only thing you’ll need to worry about with Angelus’ metallic gold paint is that it does not contain natural scuff protection. In order to prevent it from encountering scuffs, you’ll need to apply either acrylic finisher or neutral leather paint to it.

3. 16 ounce iridescent gold acrylic gesso by Daniel Smith

DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Gesso, 16oz Jar, Iridescent Gold, 284040003

Most paint that you can use on shoes and other leather is one-dimensional in its use. You can usually only use it for those kinds of items but nothing else. You’ll need to find different paint for different surfaces and dealing with this is very frustrating.

You’ll be able to use Daniel Smith’s gold acrylic gesso for more than just painting over leather. Being a gesso, you’ll be able to use it to paint on leather but for other kinds of surfaces. You can use it on your purse then you can turn around and use it on anything else that you know can be improved with acrylic painting. Not many acrylic paints enjoy this kind of versatility.

You also get a lot more paint in Daniel Smith’s container, which is another thing that is lost on a lot of paint that you can use for shoes and other leather items. This, along with its ability to be used on multiple surfaces, improves it by leaps and bounds.

The overall finish of Daniel Smith’s gesso is something that you might need to watch out for. It creates a finish that could be considered too glossy for some surfaces, especially for leather. Chances are good that it will produce a finish that you might not like. 

4. 8 ounce brush cleaner for painting tools by Angelus

Angelus Brush Cleaner for Airbrushes Paint Brushes, Painting Tools, Art Accessories 8oz

Acrylic paint is one of the most difficult things to remove from any kind of painting tool. In fact, one of the reasons why many choose to own different brushes and instruments to apply their acrylic paint instead of the same brushes is because they are so difficult to clean; it is much easier to just use a different brush.

You will never need to worry about needing new brushes or any other instrument to apply acrylic paint again when you have Angelus’ brush cleaner in your possession. It will naturally loosen up any and all acrylic paint from any kind of brush that you apply it with. It is perfect if you spend a lot of time using acrylic paint.

As you would expect, Angelus’ brush cleaner is not paint itself. It can only clean brushes that are used to apply acrylic paint. It does not have much of a purpose outside of that.

5. “Walk on Red” shoe bottom coat and restorer by Angelus

Angelus Paint Walk On Red Restorer 2 oz

Shoes with hard soles are nearly impossible to repair. You will be hard pressed to find any kind of restorative substance for these kinds of shoes. One of the reasons why many go through many of these kinds of shoes is because of this very unfortunate anomaly.

You have found your answer to restoring shoes with hard soles with the Walk on Red coat and restorer, by Angelus. It will definitively restore any kind of hard sole that you apply it to, making it perfect if you wear formal shoes regularly and need something to restore the soles.

Another very nice thing about the Walk on Red restorer is that it is extremely easy to apply. You would think that it would be difficult for you to apply seeing that it is designed for formal shoes, but it is not. You can literally apply it like any other kind of paint. This is yet another thing that makes it a must if you possess any kind of formal footwear.

If you haven’t noticed already, the Walk on Red restorer only has one real purpose: Restoring the soles of any formal shoe that contains a red sole. While it is possible to use it on other pairs of formal shoes, you might not enjoy the deep red hue that develops afterwards.

6. 12 pack 16.9 ounce acrylic color paint set by Mont Marte

Mont Marte Signature Acrylic Color Paint Set, 12 x 16.9oz (500ml), Semi-Matte Finish, 12 Vibrant Colors, Suitable for Canvas, Wood, Fabric, Leather, Cardboard, Paper, MDF and Crafts

It is a grand misconception that you cannot use acrylic paint to restore items that are made of leather. The paint that you use to restore most leather items usually contain an acrylic base, which usually means you can use acrylic paint to restore and customize leather items. One of the biggest issues that many face when they want to do this is having enough paint on hand.

You will have all the acrylic paint that you could ever want with Mont Marte’s set. Not only do you get a dozen different unique colors, each bottle contains an impressive 16.9 ounces of paint. This is perfect for anybody who knows how to use acrylic paint to restore leather items.

Being acrylic, you’ll also be able to use the paint in Mont Marte’s set for other surfaces and canvases as well. You can use it to restore leather footwear or leather accessories then turn around and use it on a completely different surface.

In order to properly use the paints in Mont Marte’s set to restore leather items, you’ll need to be familiar with working with acrylic paints and how to combine them with other kinds of substances to properly restore shoes and other leather items. If you do not know how to do this, then Mont Marte’s set is nothing more than just another acrylic paint set.

7. 4 ounce 600 type acrylic leather paint finisher by Angelus

Angelus Brand Acrylic Leather Paint Finisher No. 600-4oz

Leather items that are completely white in color are among the most difficult to restore. Not only is finding a proper paint and finisher for these kinds of items really difficult, applying them is also much more difficult than others.

Look no further than Angelus’ no. 600 acrylic paint finisher if you are looking for something that can restore any white leather item to what they used to be. The color itself is completely natural, meaning that it will not produce the off-white effect that other acrylic paint finishers tend to produce.

It is also much easier to apply Angelus’ no. 600 acrylic finisher. You can use a sponge, rag, wool, brush, or even a spray gun to apply it. This not only makes it easy to apply but it also dries quickly since it is a combination of acrylic paint and finisher.

Because the bottle only contains 4 ounces of paint, you may not be able to use it to restore more than one white leather item. Keep in mind that because it is so easy for white leather to encounter blemishes, you’ll need to use a lot of acrylic paint finisher on it. This is something about Angelus’ no. 600 acrylic paint finisher that you’ll need to watch out for.

8. 4 ounce white acrylic paint by Angelus

Angelus Acrylic Paints 4oz White

It is not easy to find acrylic paint that you can restore leather items that are off-white in color with. Most acrylic paints for these kinds of items tend to be either too white in color or a bright gray color that doesn’t completely restore most common white leather items, such as tennis shoes.

You’ll get a lot out of Angelus’ white acrylic paint for items such as these. With the color of the paint being just white enough to compensate for the color of most common white leather items but not an overwhelming bright white, you’ll be able to restore most of your white leather shoes or accessories with it very easily.

Only 4 ounces come in Angelus’ bottle of white acrylic paint. Anybody who possesses white leather garments knows that this is not nearly enough paint to totally restore these items. This is probably the only thing you’ll need to watch out for.

9. “Sole Bright” 4 ounce acrylic paint by Angelus

Angelus Sole Bright 4 oz

Very few things are more difficult to restore than the soles and midsoles of sneakers. This is because these particular areas of sneakers tend to possess the most scuff marks that most acrylic paints just cannot eliminate. They also oxidize more than almost any kind of leather you can imagine.

The Sole Bright, by Angelus, was designed specifically for the soles and midsoles of sneakers. It will remove the oxidation from these areas of your sneakers, making them look like you just brought them home from the store. There are very few acrylic paints that do this, if any.

Acrylic paint that comes in 4 ounce bottles is usually a detriment because of how much paint you need to use. However, this amount is just right for what you need to use the Sole Bright for. 4 ounces is all you need to make your sneakers look like new.

Needless to say, the Sole Bright is for the soles of your sneakers and practically nothing else. This makes it nearly one-dimensional in its use. This is the only thing that you’ll need to be aware of.

10. “2-soft” fabric medium acrylic paint by Angelus

Angelus 2-Soft Fabric Medium 1 oz

The inner liners of shoes and clothing are one thing that can cause the most wear and tear in these kinds of items. Unfortunately, they can also be the most difficult to restore. Finding the right kind of acrylic paint for these kinds of fabrics is not an easy thing to do. When you do find the right kind of paint, applying it is also very difficult.

You will no longer need to worry about this at all when you possess the 2-soft, by Angelus. It is made specifically for the inner lining of shoes and other such fabrics. Paint over these areas with the 2-soft and these fabrics will be like new.

Making the 2-soft paint itself isn’t too difficult, either. All you need to do is mix it with any given Angelus acrylic paint at a 1 to 1 ratio and it will be ready to be applied. This makes it much easier to prepare and apply than other paints like it.

Because the 2-soft is designed specifically for fabrics, it will not have much use other than to restore said fabrics. Also, only 1 ounce of paint comes in the bottle. While this may be enough for one piece of fabric, you’ll need more if you want to restore more than one inner liner. 

What is the best paint for shoes – A Buying Guide

Paints that you can use on your shoes are not all the same.

Something that you can do to make things much more simple when it comes to selecting the right paint for your shoes is to have plenty of considerations.

Will you be using your paint for only shoes or for other leather items?

This is the first consideration you should have and it is probably the most important.

While there does exist paint that is designed specifically for shoes, you can also use paint to restore other leather items.

Most of the time, you can use the same kind of paint on other leather items such as handbags or other accessories that you can use on shoes.

Are you using paint for restoration or customization?

While most restorative paint is designed for restoration in that you’ll be using it to cover and fix blemishes, some paints can be used for customization and design for shoes and other leather accessories.

This is something you should consider because there is often a difference between these two paints. The paint that you use to restore isn’t the one you’ll be using for decoration.

Are you experienced with acrylic paint?

Nearly all paint that you can use on shoes and other leather items have an acrylic base.

Some of these paints are purely acrylic, meaning you’ll need to know how to work with acrylic material in order to apply it properly.

Some of them just have an acrylic base, which means that they are a little easier to use.

How many items do you plan to restore or customize?

This consideration is more of a matter of degree than anything else.

Some paints that you can use to restore or customize have a much longer lasting effect than others, but don’t come in the biggest containers.

This means you’ll often only be able to use this paint for one item per bottle.

However, some paints that are purely acrylic can be used for multiple items. This is something you should certainly keep in mind.

What areas of your shoes or leather items do you need to restore?

Using restorative paint on the exterior of your leather accessories is one thing.

When you need to restore the interior part of your leather items and accessories, you’ll need particular paint that you won’t be able to use on the exterior.


Paint that you can use on shoes and other leather items and accessories can save you the trouble of going out and physically replacing these kinds of items.

Learning how to use this paint and knowing which kind of paint that you need to use will not only make your shoes and other accessories look like new, it will make them look completely different, and in a good way.

Do yourself a favor and explore what’s good paint for shoes and other leather items have to offer. 

Don’t be intimidated by this kind of paint, either. It is easy to use once you learn how to use it.

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