Best Heat Resistant Countertop Protectors

The kitchen is one of the places in the house where we spend a good part of the day. At least three times it is necessary to visit her to cover our basic food quota. For this reason, it is necessary to have all the implements that can facilitate our work while we protect the equipment and tools that we have, especially the countertops where we prepare food or have the appliances and utensils that we need on a daily basis. In these cases, the use of a countertop protector is very useful to provide comfort, support and protection to these areas of the kitchen.

Top Picks : 5 Best Heat Resistant Countertop Protectors

Wenko 2521467100

This model stands out for its interesting and colorful design oriented towards different types of spices. The stamping comes on a robust glass surface that gives enough strength to avoid external damages of different kinds.

Thanks to the fact that its packaging includes two units, the organization in the kitchen is carried out efficiently, allowing you to use one as a cutting board and another to place pans and hot pots, for example, since it is able to withstand high temperatures. In this way you can place it in the dining room, as its design will help you with the decoration for a special celebration.

You should know that it includes non-slip feet to offer better stability in use, as well as an odor protection system. For these reasons, if you are looking to answer which is the best countertop protector, this model can be a very good option.

Wenko is for some the best brand of countertop protectors on the market, which is why we will now analyze the pros and cons of this option:


  • Set: Wenko also has for you a set with two countertop protectors that will help you avoid scratching or damaging the surface of your kitchen or your induction hob.
  • Dimensions: Both protectors placed side by side offer a cutting space of 52 x 30 x 4.5 centimeters, giving you freedom of movement and space to put everything you need.
  • Materials: Both units are made of glass so they are sturdy, reliable, and very durable.
  • Design: They have a striking and very colorful design with a kitchen theme, showing images of spices and peppers.


  • Storage: However, they are said to be a bit uncomfortable to handle and require considerable storage space to keep them safe while not covering the kitchen.

Avonstar Trading Co. Ltd Square Fold

This model is distinguished by being made of stainless steel, a very useful and efficient material against wear caused by humidity in kitchens.

Thanks to this, its design in an impeccable gray color gives it elegance and a unique style that is capable of combining with all types of decoration. In addition, as it has been manufactured by hand, it presents a very outstanding level of finishes that stands out over other models.

Regarding the dimensions, the manufacturer gives you the option of choosing the size of the custom protector to fit your countertop or the space you have arranged for its placement.

For its part, the smooth surface with a good finish facilitates cleaning to do it quickly and efficiently, without the need to use expensive degreasing products.

Before deciding which countertop protector to buy, evaluate aspects such as its materials and dimensions, since they are very influential in its performance:


  • Design: The Avonstar option stands out for having an edge that can be used as a countertop handle for added stability.
  • Materials: It is made entirely of stainless steel, so it will not show wear or oxidation even with intense use.
  • Base: The base has non-slip feet that will keep the protector in place at all times.


  • Thickness: One of the buyers indicates that it should be thicker to be used as a cutting board.
  • Scratches: Also, it scratches quite easily due to its steel finish, so you should be careful if you want to keep it looking new for longer.

Tuftop 3141CLEA

This easy-to-clean product is very convenient to use with any food as it does not stain or trap odors. Just wiping with a damp cloth can remove the remains that have been scattered on its surface.

Its design is simple, it is made of toughened glass in the original transparent version that prevents any modification from being generated in the decoration of your kitchen, especially if you have made a recent installation of the countertop and you do not want anything to affect its correct display.

In addition, it has the facility to resist up to 250ºC, so it will be very useful, both when you are preparing all the materials for your recipe and when you finish it, whether you have made it in the kitchen or directly baked.

Other characteristics that stand out are its measurements of 40 x 30 cm that are adequate to fulfill its function, as well as the presence of rubber feet in each corner to improve stability.

With a countertop protector you can cut meats and vegetables without worrying about scratching the surfaces:


  • Dimensions: This worktop protector has dimensions of 40 x 30 centimeters, enough for you to cut comfortably.
  • Temperatures: It is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 250 ° C to avoid being affected by the heat of the kitchen.
  • Base: It has four silicone feet that work as anti-slip to keep it in place.


  • Design: Its design may be too simple for some tastes, since it does not have patterns that add more color to the kitchen decoration.
  • Handle: Unlike another model mentioned, this protector does not have side handles.

Kitchen Craft KCWTSUTREC

f you are looking for a modern and attractive design, with this model you will get it, as it has a design in black and white tones with a utensil print that will give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your kitchen.

It also stands out as the best value for money countertop protector, according to several users, so you have the possibility of obtaining a good model without having to pay more, since it has been manufactured with state-of-the-art technology to prevent deterioration due to action of stains or odors and is one of the cheapest.

In the same way, it is very resistant to heat, which will serve to support hot pots or pans on it, taking advantage of the little space you have available.

To finish, it has a rectangular shape that is quite comfortable to place anywhere, since it is neither too big nor too small, occupying a surface area of ​​30 x 40 cm. In addition, with its weight of 1.38 kg you can easily move the protector.

The Kitchen Craft model is one of the cheapest on the list and could also be the best countertop protector:


  • Buttonhole: You can easily hang it on a nail using its grommet to keep it secure while you are cooking.
  • Glass: It is made of glass patented by Kitchen Craft, which guarantees resistance and durability in all kinds of uses.
  • Design: Features a cookware-inspired patterned design to easily blend with any décor.


  • Colour: A couple of users comment that the color is brighter than they expected, although this doesn’t really affect its performance.
  • Unit: You should know that the purchase of this product includes only a protector compared to other options that come in sets.

Zeller 26270

For many users this model is the best countertop protector. This is due to its multiple characteristics that make it functional and decorative. First of all, it is made of high hardness glass that is capable of withstanding the pressure exerted by users when cutting food. In addition, the slightly rough surface facilitates this task, giving better stability.

It should be clarified that this fact does not influence the ease of sanitizing the product, although it will always be possible to include it in a dishwasher cycle for more convenience.

The packaging includes two units whose measurements are 52 x 30 cm each, which gives greater work space and better coverage when used as a kitchen protector.

And, thinking about the need to keep the board stable at all times, it has studs made of rubber that offer better fixation and prevent it from sliding even in the presence of humidity.

If you want to acquire what is perhaps the best countertop protector of the moment, take a look at the advantages of this model:


  • Set: Zeller offers you a set that includes two units of countertop protectors so that you have more options and space when cutting any ingredient for your dishes or covering your countertop.
  • Materials: The protectors are made of glass and have a good quality enamel that guarantees a long service life so that you do not have to replace them too soon.
  • Design: It is noted that the protectors have a striking design with images of tomatoes in full color, so they will attract attention in your kitchen decoration.
  • Base: You don’t have to worry about stability, since each one has six silicone legs that will keep it in place while you mince meat or vegetables.
  • Cleaning: In addition, being made of glass, these protectors are very easy to clean and will not accumulate bad odors due to the juices that the ingredients may secrete.


  • Induction: Some buyers mentioned that the material of the countertop protectors is capable of activating the touch buttons of induction cookers, so you must be careful and watch out.

What is the best countertop protector on the market?

Having a guide to buying the best countertop protector will give greater chances of obtaining a product that is suitable for the characteristics of our kitchen and that meets the specifications we are looking for.

To determine that a protector is of good quality, it is necessary to look at the manufacturing materials, the design, the measurements and other functionalities that help to stipulate if it will perform well and which we describe below.

Shopping guide


Countertop protectors are basically presented in a rectangular shape. This design allows for greater comfort when using them for cooking, as well as to protect your ceramic hob or electric or gas cookers, just by placing them on top.

In the same way, they can have varied designs among which you can select colors, patterns or, simply, a transparent format so that you can more easily see the countertop that you already have, be it granite, marble or wood, for example.

In some cases, the manufacturing material directly influences the aesthetic design of the protector, such as stainless steel protectors, which maintain their natural color, adding elegance to your kitchen and combining with appliances and accessories that are made of this material.

Another important aspect is that the surface is smooth and non-stick enough to facilitate cleaning after each use. Thus, some models include a feature to prevent the product from trapping odors.


The space will be another of the fundamental aspects, since around the measures of our kitchen we can define the use of one or another model of countertop protector, in addition to that this will directly influence how much the product costs.

Some of the offers on the market have in their packaging two identical versions of the same product in order to give them better mobility, being able to use one to prepare food while the other is protecting the ceramic hob, for example.

Likewise, it is necessary to know the use you plan to give it, since if you hope to be able to use it as an extension of your countertop, it may be necessary to consider the measures of this in order to make an adequate extension.

In general, you can find models that have a length greater than 30 centimeters, and can reach up to twice this measure. In the same way, the width can be a little less, starting from 20 to 50 centimeters. In terms of depth, this measurement will vary depending on the overall thickness of the product.

Manufacturing materials

In a comparison of countertop protectors we can see that the most common materials in the manufacture of these are glass and stainless steel. However, all of them must have resistance as a common characteristic, as they must withstand high temperatures, contact with knives and other kitchen implements, the humidity generated by food, among others.

Models are usually made of very high quality glass, which can withstand all kinds of damage caused by constant use such as scratches, bumps, heat, preventing them from deforming.

Other models can be made of stainless steel, a material that is very common in kitchen utensils because it prevents them from wearing out or corroding over time.

In any case, the material must be easy to clean. The best thing would be for a clean cloth to remove all traces of dirt, but it can also be included in the dishwasher without major inconvenience.

In this aspect, it is necessary to consider the bases of the protector, since they are the ones that will offer the necessary stability for its use. They can be made of rubber that allows better fixation, preventing the board from sliding.


As has already been noted in the previous descriptions, although the purpose of these protectors is to preserve the good condition of our countertops, they can also be used for other types of functions that are very useful on a daily basis.

In the first instance, you can use them as protectors for your kitchen, whether it is ceramic, gas or electric. In this way you will avoid that if something falls on it, it can affect or damage a burner.

According to the above, they can also serve to have all the ingredients of a preparation closer, being able to place the protector on the kitchen burners that are in disuse at that time.

On the other hand, these products can facilitate the extension of your countertop for normal use and thus make it easier to organize everything when you do cleaning days, arrive with purchases from the market or do some preparation in the company of other people, so everyone will a comfortable work area.

And, if you have very little space, you can place it over the sink and from there perform all the actions you need such as chopping meat or vegetables. Considering all these details, obtaining a product of this nature can be profitable and inexpensive.

Main Features Explained


The countertop protectors are used to be placed in the kitchen and to protect the surfaces from the heat of the pots or also to cut food to prepare different recipes. If you need one of these for your home, we advise you to see how its design is.

Zeller offers a very practical alternative, as it is a set consisting of two units of countertop protectors. So you can place one on each side of your kitchen and have more space to work.

The protectors have an enameled design with a photograph of tomatoes on a light background. This, in addition to being eye-catching, will give a fun and carefree touch to your kitchen decoration so that you feel more at ease.

Each one has dimensions of 52 x 30 centimeters and if you are not convinced by the design of the tomatoes, do not worry, since they have several options to choose from.


When you are going to buy a countertop protector, one of the most important aspects to evaluate is the manufacturing materials. As mentioned before, these products are used to place hot things and to chop food, so they must be resistant to both heat and pressure.

Zeller brand countertop protectors appear to fully meet these requirements. These products are made of safety glass and, as commented by their manufacturer, are capable of withstanding temperatures of a maximum of 220 ° C and are suitable for cutting all types of food, be it vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc. .

In addition, as an additional advantage, being made of glass, you can wash these protectors in the dishwasher and thus keep them free of germs that cause stains or bad odors in your kitchen.


If you’ve ever had a poor-quality kitchen protector, it has probably moved while you’re using it, which can be both dangerous and very messy. To avoid this, you have an option: buy models with security bases.

And that’s something you will find in the Zeller product. The manufacturers, taking into account the humidity that is usually present in the kitchen, have equipped each of the protectors with non-slip rubber feet that will be responsible for providing the necessary friction so that they do not slip while you are using them. In total there are six units for each protector, more than enough to adhere to your kitchen or sink.

Likewise, they can also be anchored to countertops of all kinds, since rubber is a material that offers support, stability and adherence; all the important qualities in a countertop protector.

How to use a countertop protector

Keeping our possessions in good condition will allow us two things: to look good and to save on the maintenance of certain places. The kitchen is one of the places that are prone to problems due to the presence of grease, the use of knives, heat, odors, among others. Thus, having a countertop is essential and, therefore, we must make use of the tools that are available in the market to keep it well cared for. A good idea is to use a countertop protector.

As a tool for preparing food

This is the fundamental use of this type of utensil. Its smooth base is suitable for cutting all kinds of food before incorporating them into any preparation. Although they can have different designs and be made of different materials, they usually have a non-stick and anti-odor system that prevents the properties of the food from being transferred to the protector.

At the same time, this usability makes it easy to keep the countertop clean, since the protector has the characteristic of being portable, allowing it to be taken directly to the dishwasher for cleaning.

To facilitate order

Countertop protectors can also be very useful to keep order in your kitchen. For example, when you arrive from the market with your purchases, you will surely always bring a cold product that can leak water, such as chicken or fish. By using the protector on your counter, you can place these bags there while you find the right place to store it in your fridge.

As a safeguard for the ceramic hob or the kitchen

Whether you have a ceramic hob, electric stove or gas, you can use the hob protector to protect the burners when you are not using them. This will not only help you keep your equipment in better condition, but it will also help you maintain an appropriate place for your protector without disturbing the order that you already maintain in your kitchen.

In the same way, it can serve as a support when cooking, since the plate can be placed on the burner line that is not in use and thus you can access your ingredients more quickly when you need them.

As an extension of the countertop

If you cannot afford to make a small reform to your countertop, you have the possibility of adding an extension for it through your protector. You may find it useful to attach a simple mobility mechanism with which you can lift and hold it when you need to use it, and then return it to its established place of origin.

As a decorative touch

Although this is the last reason why a person would purchase a countertop protector, it is no less true that their variability of designs gives them the possibility of using them as delicate decorative elements.

This, obviously, in cases where a pattern is included, as there are models whose presentation is through a simple glass plate that clearly shows the fixed structure that you keep on your countertop. Also, there are metallic-type designs.

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